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Had a reading with Pamela recently. Absolutely incredible!!! She gave me so much proof that my beautiful son was very much with me and gave me details she couldn’t have known. As a bereaved mum herself she just ‘got it’ and was so caring and kind. She really blew me away. Definitely recommend Pamela for a reading. – Joanne, Yorkshire


Had a reading with Pam last week and am still in shock over how good she is. So much detail, and so accurate she is truly amazing with her gift. Pam is lovely and I will definitely be booking in another reading soon. – Sam, Surrey


I had a reading done tonight and was absolutely amazed by what I was told. 3 separate people came forward and everyone was described in detail and the perfect reading. I heard what I needed to hear right now and highly recommend this lovely lady. 5 stars from me! – Keri, Surrey


Pam brought through my adorable mum not long after she passed, and as a family we really needed that message. Since pam was so amazing we went and booked her for individual one 2 one readings and again she was amazing. I then entered a draw and win a free reading which I really needed and again she was amazing. Thankyou pam. – Ashley, Surrey


Pam and I live at opposite ends of the country and we had never met before. Pam brought my son through with such amazing evidence. Details of his characteristics and personality that Pam was able to convey to me, my close friends didn’t even know. I would recommend this lady to anyone looking for a genuine medium. – Valerie, Middlesborough

I’ve had two readings with Pamela, and both have been quite extraordinary experiences.  I’m a  scientist and very sceptical by nature, but was convinced beyond doubt that my loved one was in the room with us thanks to Pamela’s wonderful talent and great sensitivity.  She is an especially lovely person and has brought me peace and joy despite my loss.  Jeremy, Bucks


In all honesty, I think Pam gave me more evidence of survival today than all the other Mediums I have ever seen. I am not a Medium Junkie but at difficult times in my life, I have turned for comfort and guidance, probably having 10 readings in 45 years!  I was amazed at the detail and accuracy of her communications and would thoroughly recommend a visit to her. A very sweet, kind person also shines through the readings.  I already feel more optimistic and comfortable.  Thank you so much Pam.  David, Walton-on-Thames


Hi Pam thank you for a wonderful reading on Saturday, so nice to meet you and i feel blessed that my love ones are still around me. Thank you . Lynne, Surrey

Pamela was incredible. Her accuracy was amazing and she truly connected to those I was hoping to hear from.  Her ability is next to none and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a medium to connect them to their loved ones.  Thank you very much.  Emily, Sutton


I had a reading last night by Pam and I have to say she is incredible.  She is welcoming, warm and friendly, putting me at ease straight away. She managed to bring through 4 family members giving precise and accurate information.  I would highly recommend Pam for a reading and will be visiting again soon. Thank you. Emily, Molesey, Surrey


Wow!  I had a reading this morning with Pamela and I was blown away with her accuracy!  She delivered such wonderful messages from my loved ones in spirit.  I can’t wait to go back.  She’s such a lovely warm person.  Thank you Pamela.  Kira, Surrey


What a lovely reading I had! The evidence was spot on and I received very special messages from my loved ones in spirit which I needed to guide and comfort me at this moment in time. Thank you, Pam.  Mariana, Egham, Surrey

Pam has  given me a wonderful reading in my time of need. She is a lovely gentle soul and is absolutely spot on with all her readings.  I left the experience feeling very uplifted, positive and energised.  Melanie, Surrey.

Spiritualist medium Pam Pollington is a very talented and experienced medium.  She has the ability to find the essence of people on a psychic level and to communicate with your loved ones who are no longer here.  I must say that the readings with Pam have been more than satisfactory and I recommend her from the bottom of my heart.  You can always trust her, indeed because is true to her work for the spirit world.  Ranne Röjd, Sweden

Pamela is absolutely fantastic. Her gift is not comparable, every reading I have had and demonstration I have watched has been second to none. I honestly couldn't recommend a better person to give you confirmation that there is life beyond here on earth. Her factual readings give great comfort to anyone who has the blessing of having one. 5* genuine recommendation. 

Jamie-Leigh Clark, Woking Surrey

I was going through a tough time in my life and reached out to Pamela for some guidance and clarification. All I can say is I felt so much better after the reading, it helped me put so much into prospection. Pamela has a lovely way of talking to you and explaining things so well. She really puts you at ease. I will decently recommend her to anyone and I will certainly go back for another reading in the future. Becky, Liverpool

Pamela Pollington

Spiritualist Medium

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