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Diary for 2024

  • January:- Thursday 11th Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm

  • January:- Sunday 14th Kingston Spiritualist Church 11am

  • January:- Wednesday 31st charity for AFC on Zoom. 7.30pm

  • February:- Arthur Findlay College 10th-17th

  • February:- Wednesday 21st Walton-on-Thames Spiritualist Church 7.30pm

  • February:- Thursday 22nd Fulham Spiritualist Church, Zoom Service 7.30pm

  • March:- Thursday 21st Woking Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm

  • March:- Sunday 31st Workshop at Fulham Spiritualist Church.

  • April:- Sunday 7th Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • April:- Monday 29th April Esher Rugby Club with Shelley Youell, Starting a 7.30pm

  • May:- Open week at Arthur Findlay College 4th-7th

  • May:- Saturday and Sunday 11th-12th Stourbridge Spiritualist Church

  • May:- Monday 13th Kingston Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm

  • May:- Sunday 19th, Workshop Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church

  • May:- Sunday 26th Morden Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • June:- Sunday 2nd, Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • June:- Wednesday 26th Walton-on-Thames Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm

  • June:- Sunday 30th Fulham, Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • July:- Sunday 7th Croydon Spiritualist Church 11am

  • July:- Thursday 11th Woking Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm

  • July:- Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st Belfast Spiritualist Church

  • August:- Thursday 22nd Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 7.30pm

  • August:- Sunday 25th Croydon Spiritualist Church, 11am

  • September:- Australia 15th to 20th

  • October:- Sunday 20th Woking Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • November:- Arthur Findlay College 9th till 16th

  • December:- Sunday 1st Walton-on-Thames Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • December:- Sunday 8th Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church, 6.30pm

  • December:- Thursday 12th Carol service, Hampton Hill SC 7.30pm

  • December:- Monday 16th Kingston Spiritualist, 7.30pm

Once a month I run an open Mediumship Practice circle at Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church. Check out their Website or Facebook page for the dates. Plus I also run development circles over Zoom. Contact me for more details. 

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