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About Me

Throughout my life, I have had an awareness of the spirit world without fully understanding it. I would get premonitions of things happening before they actually happened. I have always been sensitive to the things going on around me and could pick up on peoples emotions.


In 2012, My life was changed by the tragic passing of my daughter. I was looking for answers so I went to my local Spiritualist Church in Hampton Hill. I needed to know that my daughter was still around. My abilities began to develop and open up. I received numerous signs that she was still around me, which made me want to explore further.


I began attending Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church and started my development. Since then, I have regularly attended courses and received extensive training at the Arthur Findlay College.  I feel very blessed to have had quality training from a number of excellent tutors along my journey. Since 2016, I have regularly worked on platform at Hampton Hill and other Churches as well as giving private readings.


I have completed the SNU Mentorship Scheme and have the CSNU awards of the Spiritualist National Union in speaking and demonstrating. I have also completed my teacher training for the SNU with a CSNUT certificate. I am very passionate about teaching and want to share my knowledge and experiences with others to help their mediumship development and to support their own spiritual growth. With always wanting to give of my best, I have now passed my Diploma with the Spiritualist National Union in Demonstrating Mediumship and at present I am a tutor at The Arthur Findlay College ,the World's foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.

Another aspect of my training encompasses spiritual healing.   I am a qualified Healer and feel this is complemented by my previous nursing background, enabling me to work practically and with great empathy.  In my experience, receiving evidence that loved ones remain close can be healing, not only for the recipient, but also for the person in the spirit world.  My personal bereavement experience helps me deal sensitively with grieving parents and other family members of children and young people who have passed on prematurely.

I have also been blessed to have had to opportunity to Demonstrate my Mediumship, teach and do readings in the USA, Northern Ireland and Switzerland . Since the pandemic I have been able to do my readings all over the world over Zoom. People ask if it works the same as a face to face reading and it absolutely does. We should never underestimate the intelligence in the Spirit World.

If you would like to communicate with loved ones in the spirit world and receive evidence and reassurance of their closeness in your daily earthly life, I would be delighted to hear from you via my Contact page.

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